E. Steen Comer


Writing Items of Interest

Game Writing:

Privateer Press

08-15 -- Present

Development for Iron Kingdoms Unleashed supplemental materials. Contributed to:



Development for Mixed Reality game Limberlost. Created scenario, backstory, and wrote full text in a single week.



Worldbuilding, history, and in-house backstory prose for Fainish, a forthcoming video game from developer Lee Dotson

Published Fiction:

Puzzle Box


Short story "Angels of Lost Days" published in the Puzzle Box Anthology by The Sockdollager:

Last TransMission


Collaborated with the artist Trista Musco on a short self-published comic. Distributed via various conventions and personal interactions.

Technical Writing:


5-20 - Ongoing

Wrote the documentation and help for Obsidian, a markdown-based personal knowledge management system.


Contributed significantly to the documentation for the Hammer Natural Language Parsing Library


Fractal Interpolation

A periodic newsletter wherein I talk about whatever's on my my mind. Prior topics have included Von Neumann probes, cultural tendencies toward magic in luddite activism, and the occult history of radio.

Unnamed Novel in progress

At the moment it's an existential murder mystery set in a clockwork Roman Empire circa 1930.

Novel (tentative title: The War Dead)

A novel that takes place after a World War 3 in which holes in time are created and World War 2 leaks into the present. Also includes viral personalities and AI built on a mycological substrate. Subject to change on further revisions.


Anomalous Engineering

Operating as part of the Anomalous Engineering collective, a group of writers and thinkers thinking about better ways of viewing the future given the rapidly changing conditions of the present. Most recent piece published, The Song of Dead Stars

Fellow, Odd Salon

Odd Salon is a society dedicated to the dissemination of esoteric historical knowledge. As a fellow, I have given talks on a wide variety of topics, including the history of Memory Palaces in relation to hermetic mysticism, sex robots and the uncanny valley, and the history of cryptography.

Fellow, Institute of Atemporal Studies