This is the primary axis mundi electronic for Steen Comer. I'm a writer, a roustabout, a rake, peripheralist, nexialist, and incapable of seriously writing any autobiographical statement.

If I'm lucky, you're here for my writing. Here you go:

Copy Editing

I also work as a copy editor, often in technical and academic contexts, but also prose fiction and nonfiction. If you are interested in translating your technical information into something humans can read, see my site here, or feel free to drop me a line.

"Social" media

Well, the network was always social. About which I have rants elsewhere. If you actually want to contact me, email is usually effective. But if you want to look in some silos, you can find me:

I blogged here for a while. Then I realized that I don't understand "blog" as a verb. [UPDATE] I understand "blog" as a verb again. I put some things there, pray I do not... put... them further?



In the swampy burning morass that is social media, castles come and go. Probably just search for mediapathic on whatever the silo du jour is and if I've gotten there first it'll be me.

A Public Notebook

This, as of press time, is where the action is. I'm experimenting with the use of a networked approach to publication using Obsidian Publish. Experiment on hold pending internal investigation.

I really like as a concept. I used it to tell a story, then I finished that story. I may come back for a sequel later. Please note the date it started.

My Tumblr

I haven't touched this in ages, but there's some fun stuff in the archives.


Nuggets of wisdom and delight, ~~<140~~ <280 characters. I have largely stopped using this since a megalomaniacal comic book villain who didn't know the difference between having some good ideas and being able to run a company set it on fire, so, circa early 2023. I occasionally still make announcements there, but mostly I just watch it burn.