Welcome to Mediapathic

This is the primary axis mundi electronic for Steen Comer. I'm an author, a roustabout, a rake, peripheralist, nexialist, and incapable of seriously writing any autobiographical statement.

Being a modern individual, I am highly distributed. Here are some places you may see my traces:

High usage:

my patreon :: The relationships between art and commerce in the 21st century are weird! Let's make them weirder together!
my mailing list :: All the cool kids are doing it now. Almost all longer-form content is going here at the moment.
mediapathic on twitter :: "wit," =< 140ch
mediapathic at gmail :: SMTP or GTFO

Specialized usage:

mediapathic on tumblr :: "wit" >= 140ch. Also curation, mostly of other things on tumblr. Leveraging the ol' network. Mostly archival at this point.
my vimeo :: I am also a Lighting Designer and VJ, sometimes I put evidence here.
my musical project :: Averaging 1 track per 2.5 years. Deep time release schedule.
my pgp public key :: Perfect is the enemy of good, but functional is the enemy of useable.